Copyleft Alternate Order Form - NZ only.


The discs will be delivered as a letter. Delivery is free by Standard Post (NZ). There is a charge of $2 for AirPost International.
You will receive an email confirmation when the discs have been posted. Copyleft replaces defective goods.

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        Main List
            Supplementary List
Debian Official, Copyleft     Debian Official, Copyleft
Ubuntu and variants     Ubuntu and variants
Mint, LinuxLite, Knoppix     Mint, LinuxLite, Knoppix
Fedora and CentOS     Fedora and CentOS
Mandriva, Mageia, SUSE     Mandriva, Mageia, SUSE
Slackware, Puppy, Sys-Resc, Tails     Slackware, Puppy, Sys-Resc, Tails
Non Linux     Non Linux


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I understand that I am ordering these goods from Copyleft at the stated price - in New Zealand dollars.
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